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In relation to our posts about photographers has another photographer caught our and many others attention. His name is Victor Jones and he has been into photography since he was very young. He had photography as a hobby and when he turned 14 he had saved up money to buy his own camera. His journey starts by helping his girlfriend out with photographs for her blog and today he is travelling the world taking shots for magazines and fashion brands; street style to fashion shows.

Read the story below of the photographer who has the whole world as his work space.

When did you find out that you had a thing for photography? 

When I first borrowed my dad’s DSLR I was just a kid in school. He would let me use it every time we went somewhere together. Until the day where I had saved up enough money to buy my own camera. Which I did when I was just 14. Believe it was a 500D if I remember correctly. Since then more lenses and new cameras came in my hands whenever I could afford the next thing on my long wish list. Though for every birthday I added more camera equipment to my wish list, it didn’t seem to work and I actually never had any luck with that. So I had to do a part time job at Burger King to afford my not so cheap hobby. Then by the end of primary school my camera spends more time on the shelf than in my hand, for some weird reason. I then started high school and got my interest in photography back after meeting my girlfriend Laura who was also a blogger and therefor always in need of a photographer to help her out. That became the start of my photography career I think. It brought photography back into my everyday life. And from that more photos and more jobs came.

victor jones


What was your first job with a camera? 

Actually my first paid job was as a street style photographer. Back then I had little interest in fashion compared to today. And no clue that street style would turn into my main business. It was for an online gallery called Stylegallery where I had the opportunity to take pictures whenever I liked on a freelance basis. So every day, if I had the time I would go and take pictures of people in the streets of Copenhagen and later on upload them to the web gallery. That client later merged with Costume Magazine. Who I still shoot for on a regular basis today several years later. Costume is my longest relationship photography wise. I still love working with them every time.

How has your field of interest developed through the years? 

I’ve taken pictures of all kinds of stuff; products, houses, events, fashion, landscapes, everything basically. But I’ve always found it more compelling to work with people. Photograph people. I like the interaction between me and the subject. Not only during the shoot but also after. And the fact that what I portray is not only something but someone. So there will always be an interested recipient in the other end who might like what we’ve done together or have a comment on some changes they would like in the photos. This has lead to street style, which is now my main thing. It also let to regular fashion shoots and a lot of events. Over the past few years my interest in fashion has really grown. I think this interest comes from the never ending stream of new ways to do the same thing. Cover our bodies. Designers keep coming up with new ways to redesign cloth. Fashion is so visual and always changing. That’s why it’s so interesting to me. You will never have seen everything. There will always be more. Somewhere.



Have you found your spot in the industry – the thing you love to work with the most?

I like to think of my career as a journey. A never ending story. At least not for a while. I really enjoy what I do right now and try to make the most of it. But I also see my self shooting a different kind of pictures later on. Right now I enjoy street style and club-photography a lot. Taking pictures at a nightclub is a great way to meet new people all the time. But I do picture myself not going out 3 nights a week when I get older. So my spot in the industry. Yes, and no. I have definitely found a spot that I’m happy with for now. But not a permanent place.


How did you get into taking photos at clubs?

Taking event photos was one of my very first ways to make money from my photography. It’s a great way to afford new equipment and meet new potential clients. It started with just a party now and then. Could be months in between. It quite quickly turned in to a weekly thing. By now I’ve shot all kinds of parties. From private events of 20 people to concerts with artist like Tiesto, clubs in Val Thorens (France), Prague, for fashion brands like KTZ in Paris and basically every nightclub in Copenhagen. Not to forget that I have also done proper, full size photoshoots for 10-page spread print in fashion magazine at nightclubs during the opening hours with partying guests everywhere around us. Crazy experience!


What’s your most interesting job experience?

Many great experiences have come with my job. From the story I just mentioned, to photographing Kanye West, Rick Owens, A$AP (both Rocky and Ferg). Recently I also did a shoot with H&M together with 3 of Denmark’s biggest bloggers. This might be some of the most interesting things I’ve done. Yet. So much has already happened. I’ve also shot lookbooks and fashion shows for some of my favourite brands like Henrik Vibskov, Asger Juel Larsen and Soulland. Yet I still hope way more crazy experiences and cool jobs will come in the near future.



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