The embarking upon a new adventure

Dear reader,

We are two chaps taking on a new adventure. We have decided to take our passion to the next level. We are both dedicated and determined to pursue a fulfilling lifestyle. We will take you on this journey with us. We will share our own experiences and experiences of people we meet. We will write about people of craftsmanship and of certain expertise. People who have extraordinary achievements and who can inspire you.
We will tell you about the events we attend. We will try to give you the feeling that you are with us in the very moment the event occur.

We love to talk with, listen to and help people of values that we believe in. We care about trust, passion, creativity and chivalry.

We both have our interests and passion within this universe of creativity and fulfilling lifestyles. We are not two duplicates though, we are actually very different from one another.
Christian loves to be creative; one of the things he loves to do is painting. We will definitely post some of the work later on.
Klaes is dedicated to design, especially Nordic designs – Classic Danish design. He loves to innovate and try out new ideas.


Klaes Vangsgaard & Christian Thisted

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