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We have interviewed another artist, Rasmus Rørbæk, but this time it is an artist of videography. He makes beautiful and creative music videos; mainly for the Danish RnB music collective ‘Hukaos’. Have a read here about his passion and his thoughts.

When did you realise that you had a passion for making pictures and movies? 

I believe it started at the same time that many of my friends started skateboarding. It was fun to record each other and edit it together. Very soon it became a goal to make the video work together with music, so that a trick would land on a beat. It was a good beginning of making a good visual flow. After that it was natural to start working with music videos where I could add even more elements.

Have you ever had doubts about your passion? 

It is all about making it interesting for yourself. Set new goals and try out new stuff. That way it never gets boring. The challenge is more what you spend your time and energy on. I have no education within filming or economics, so I can never say with certainty that something is a good investment. Your only compass is your gut feeling.

How would you describe your filming style?

I aim to make my videos in a close coorperation with the artists so that the result will be a mix of mine and their ideas. This also means that the style varies a lot, since the feelings of the songs are very different.

The result is also very dependant on the time and place when we make the video. What do we feel? What are our opportunities? What can we make of our budget?

It also feels like a diary for me to look back at the videos that I’ve made. I hope that the audience can recognise the feelings we put in the videos.

What have been the toughest project you have done so far?

I would say that ‘Natten’ by Lord Siva has been the toughest production. It was a challenge for me to explain the team some of the ideas I had – and it was only really possible at the end of the process when I got put all the small clips and pieces together. It was only very giving after we all got on the same wavelength. Everyone knew they had to pulls some strings to make things get moving. At least that’s what I hope…

In general I would say that it is a tough process to work with people who only think in numbers when you have another mindset.

Lord Siva – Natten (Official Video) from Rasmus Roerbaek on Vimeo.

What is your biggest achievement?

I am proud of our achievements with Hukaos and I feel honoured that I can live the way that I do.
It is really cool that it succeeds to go another way than through the educational system.

Where do you see yourself in a year?

At the moment I barely know how my next week will be – so that can be a bit difficult to say.
There always big ups and downs that I try my best to navigate through.
I hope that I will have a great time and do something as exciting as I do now.


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