S.T Valentin

The facade is simple and elegant. Behind the facade you will find a fine men’s clothing store in Guldsmedegade 23, Aarhus. When you get up front, in front of the store window, then you will get a glimpse into the fine universe of clothing and accessories for the modern man, that they have created.

As soon as you step into the store you will be met by a comforting down-to-earth tone, almost a homely feeling. The atmosphere is subtle and cosy. There is no rush to sell the latest garments. You will comfortable taking the time needed to find what you like. They greet and ask if they can help you in polite manners. If you do not need help, they either leave you be or start a conversation to get to know you better and thereby get to know, what you may be searching for. They take an interest in you as a person.

At the stores street level you can find clothes and bags. In the basement you will find shoes and accessories. You have the opportunity to fill up your whole wardrobe if needed.

We highly recommend a look at S.T Valentin if you should be in Aarhus.


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