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This is an interview with an inspiring and very stylish individual within the fashion industry, Virgil Nicholas. He started already as 18 years old and has since then embarked many exciting adventures, which he tells more about below.

How did you become a part of the fashion world?

Via blogging – in the very essence of the word. Out of boredom and in favor of creativity, in 2008, I let my passion for visual expression, personality, music and style melt into the combination later known as one the biggest menswear blogs in Denmark called .superbial. Through .superbial my network and ambitions equally grew. I wanted to be a creatéur and a motivator within menswear and lifestyle and here I am, trying to get there.

What was your first job in fashion, and how did it lead you on to the next job?

My first job in fashion was with Euroman. Whereas .superbial due to its yet unestablished status was a side business for quite some years, I had the outmost privilege of employment at My tasks were trend scouting, street style and style guides. It was a very giving experience that I am very honored to have had at the age of 18.


What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I work a lot with concepts, both in terms of product development within collections but most certainly also within the online scope of fashion and lifestyle. Many brands struggle with the quick dynamics of social media and online awareness towards their customers, so I tend to consult quite a number of these organizations with everything from simple advice to conceptualizing, developing collections and styling. Working with my own consulting establishment Courtesy de V is a gift that I cherish very much. Through CdeV I can combine work, pleasures and passion as much as I please and so far my clients seem pleased. It’s a blessing.

What other interest do you have that you like to spend time on?

To quote my older brother, I’d say I’m very much of a bon vivant. As soon as life and work lets me, I am off to new geographic sights with my best travel companion and girlfriend. She has a great sense of directions whenever we travel, but she always leaves it outside the Danish borders. That alone is a pleasure to experience. Dining, toasting and sharing is my biggest hobby. My line of work has a lot socializing to it and though you get to socialize with great people that end up becoming close friends, I still have a number of life companions that have been with me for ages. So whenever I can, first thing I do, is pick up the phone and call in for in-house cooking and numerous bottles. It never fails and it is so relaxing for me to have all of my closest friends and family around me. From one cliché to another, I’ve gone back to reading novels much. What a great thing to do in the midst of everything digital!


What has been your wildest experience within fashion?

Seeing my concept and ambition fulfilled. Les Deux, a fashion brand, which I founded with a former partner and clever friend of mine, was a simple dream that grew into becoming an institution way faster and bigger that we could have imagined. That alone was and still is wild. The biggest experience within was probably engaging the whole city of Copenhagen for a fashion week party in August just one year into our adventure; we had four tinted Audi limousines driving around town picking up guests when- and wherever they wished, the best VIP guest list you could imagine and more than 1500 guests throughout the night. The event was held just close to the water and everything went as planned. It was euphoric and I had all my best people around me. That matters more than anything else. I could die a lucky man after that night.

Where do you see yourself in a year?

I wish I could answer that but I can’t. I live by my passion and as much as it can be a hurdle, it is also a dream we all have. Living the dream means compromising from time to another, and I have declined several options that would have taken me to great heights a year ago or a year from now. And at the same time this year has been one of the most challenging and unbelievable – in the most positive understanding of the word – ever. Therefore I can’t wait to see where we go from here but wherever it is; I am all set. I do hope to check more off the bucket list and partner up with new creative people. Releasing my very own cap collection this fall is just one step in a long series of collaborations. Footwear is next!



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