We are in Nørrebro in Copenhagen as we meet Jonas and Ida in their office. It’s very small though radiant of creativity and development. They started about a year ago their clothing brand, Nosomnia, and they are already on the way with the third collection. There’s been a great deal of attention towards the new brand and we do understand why. They manage to capture the actual trends and tendencies and still add their own unique mark to their collections. The ambitions for Nosomnia are big and with their different backgrounds and competencies and a passion, we believe they take it far. We look forward to follow their journey.

What inspired you to start your own clothing brand?

We believe that there is a gap existing between the modern gentleman and the younger rebel in today’s menswear. That is our reason for creating Nosomnia; because we want to fulfil that gap.

Where does the name Nosomnia come from and what does it mean?

Kind of a random story. Before we launched and started to build up the brand we were really working late hours with minimum sleep. Then we started talking about the word “Insomnia” since we looked like people who had not slept for a long time, which furthermore let up to “Nosomnia”.  We thought the name sounded so good and the meaning and values was something we could attach ourselves and therefore the word would be what we chose it to be.

What is the philosophy behind the brand, what image do you want to send?

We want to create a hybrid brand that caters to an audience of males with selective taste in both classic and high-end street style.


We understand that you are the two behind the brand. How did you decide to make clothes together and what are your backgrounds?

We were introduced to each other through common friends. We quickly realised that we could contribute each other and that we worked very well together.  We both had the same desire to create an independent menswear brand.

Ida has a design background studying at both Saint Martins in London and Magretheskolen in Copenhagen.

Jonas has had great experience in branding and communication.


It’s a really cool collection you guys have created, which parts are you happiest about and why?

From the SS16 collection; one of our favourites is the “Non Parallel, Neoprene Bomber Jacket”. It really expresses the collection theme “Angular” and it also reflects our vision of the balance between classical menswear and high-end street wear.

What is your favourite basic clothing items?

My favourite piece of basic clothing items is a good quality crewneck or a t-shirt.

What´s next for you guys?

We are currently in the process of sampling AW16 which will definitely be one to remember. SS16 will drop on our web store and selected retailers from January.


What is your dream with Nosomnia?

We aim to develop a hybrid between classical menswear and urban style through innovative ideas and unexpected creations.

What peace of clothing are you definitely gonna get from this winter season?

As the Christmas season soon will be upon us I believe I will acquire a good shirt. Our own Doze Shirt is not a bad choice if you want to look elegant yet still stand out.

I might also get a classy boot. Maybe Red Wing or Dr. Martens.


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