We visited an older industrial area in the Danish city Horsens, where we met up with our friend Søren Aamand, the co-founder of Nohrlund, at their new production. Nohrlund produce delicious bottled cocktails that are made to be as great an experience as cocktails you can order in a bar. We had a chat about their products and the dreams for the future.



The story of Nohrlund began after Søren had spend many years as a bartender and owner of his own mobile bar, which could be hired with staff for events. He observed that it often could be a benefit to serve an instant product to the guests instead of making every cocktail every time. It is not that he does not appreciate the work behind the cocktail, but he could see the potential for an instant cocktail at large events or parties where a bartender isn’t present. So there he started the journey of making bottled cocktails with a precious colleague, Anders Houmann. They started of a pot and spoon and a set target of creating three distinguished and delicious cocktails. One of the conditions they set was a high standard of ingredients; all organic and no artificial flavouring of any kind. The high awareness of quality in the production process really comes to show in the taste; they all have a refreshing and gentle taste and they actually taste of the ingredients presented on the label. Most people can probably acknowledge the feeling of buying an alcoholic cider and the taste does not match up with the taste declared on the label.


The day we went to visit the guys they were about to prepare a large order, which we got to observe the process of. The part of the cocktail that is produced in Horsens is the syrup, which gives the flavour to the cocktail. The process of cooking the syrup takes hours of boiling the ingredients together in large cooking pots to extract all the flavouring from them as they stand and stir the pots themselves. Thereafter the syrup is taken to Fyn where it is mixed with the alcohol and bottled.


Søren reported that he was going to the US shortly after our visit. He was going to San Francisco to see how much the Americans were interested in the delicious bottled cocktails. They achieved the opportunity of this trip after the competing in the world’s largest spirits competition in March in San Francisco; only 2 months after officially launching Nohrlund. They did partake in the category of Premixed Cocktails. Most of the participants were not given any medals at all. Quite a few were given the bronze medal. Nohrlund received a silver medal for the white cocktail. As the only participant, they received a gold medal for the yellow cocktail and again as the only ones they received double gold medal for the red cocktail, which is only given to products that are believed to be extraordinary. This actually means that the yellow and red are the world’s best premixed cocktails.

The second trip went very well according to what we have heard from Søren. We sure hope the best for Nohrlund and to keep following their journey of delivering these amazing bottled cocktails to the world.


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