My thoughts and my drive

It is almost a year ago that Jacques Baroque was set into the world. Time has indeed been flying and the journey has been inspiring and we’ve learned a lot – both when it comes to managing and all the inspiring people who’ve been involved. These things are enough for a whole other post, which I promise I will write about another time, but in this one I’d like to tell you what has made the base of my drive to work with an online magazine as this one and the thoughts I have regarding the subjects we work with. I’d like to give a glimpse of our future.

Before I started working on Jacques Baroque with Christian, I had given it a shot with my personal blog, which I’d use for writing about my experiences with entrepreneurship and my everyday learnings. I have also written a few articles for Trendsonline, an online entrepreneurship news media. At Trendsonline I wrote articles about new startups and its founder. I would ask the founder of his or her work and their future plans for the startup and to do this I would visit them at their office. I felt that this kind of work was very giving to me as a person. I did leave Trendsonline though, as I at the time thought that it’d only give me a wider network of likeminded people. I didn’t leave due to lack of excitement, but my drive to start my own thing was to big and I believed that I had gotten what I came for, which was wrongfully assumed.

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the type of person that an entrepreneur normally is. How the passion, stubbornness, determination and hard work can affect one’s goal. I believe that no matter what line of business you’re in it’ll take certain values to reach the goal. I realised that it gave me something to help the energetic and determined people tell their stories – that is the aspect I find exciting!

As I wrote in my previous post, I believe that if you do what you love the success will follow. It’s about making some goals in life – and I’m not only thinking of a career plan. We are all very different and goals may vary between creating a lovely family, travel the world, very specific experiences, get an education and many more. Goals may be the needed guideline to maintain the drive, passion and productivity.

We have a goal to develop and to create interesting and worthwhile content for our readers. We have for a while been thinking what to do next and have now decided to create a real magazine that’ll have parallels to our online magazine. Every issue will have its own theme and headline, which we will dive into using a line of interviews, profiles and articles.

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