My passion is my compass

‘My passion is my compass’ is my personal motto. That is much of the reason to why and what I am doing today. It basically just means that I go wherever my passion leads me and it also leaves me with no regret of the choices I take.

I would like to give you a brief insight on how it let me to Jacques Baroque. When I was a kid I always loved being creative and I still do. Drawing, painting and building things and building curious constructions in LEGO were some of the things I would do. This creative work let me to build simple websites and buy a DSLR camera as well when I was 15. Photography and videography became my passion. I spent a lot of free time on it and I quickly got better.

Soon I realized that I could earn money on the things I could create. In the beginning I would just earn a little extra pocket money, but it eventually turned out to be more profiting than I expected.

In 2011 I attended an event in Copenhagen called ‘leader for a day’ and at that event I met a guy who is now a dear friend of mine. His name is Nikolaj Junker Madsen and about 6 months later we started a company together where we would make films and live streaming for other companies. Today the company’s services are films, websites and graphic design.

My interest in creative work let to design, fashion and architecture. I enjoy reading about it and looking at the amazing work of others. Now that has become a part of my passion as well. I found out not even a year ago that my friend Klaes had the same interests and we therefore decided to start Jacques Baroque together.

I feel very privileged to be able to chase my passion and, so far, live off it.

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