2nd update

I’ll talk about what has happened, change of focus and lack of passion.

The thoughts I write about in these updates are our personal views. If you have some different thoughts, please write us or comment below.

As I was talking about in one of my first posts way back when we started; how my perspective on projects and starting them has changed for me through the years.

At first I started projects in the belief that it would make me happy with the way that it could make me rich in the long term. But the road to that point where you’re making money is long and I found that I had to have another drive than money for me to stay motivated.

I found that I needed a drive for the project to continue working; my drive is to share stories.  When you are starting something by yourself, it’s only yourself that is to blame if you don’t continue and finish what’ve you started. That took me some time to learn.

This project, making a magazine, has been a great journey and learning curve. Christian and I didn’t know anything about the business before we started. Christian had some work experience in both Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, but we didn’t think it’ll be enough to make the magazine – more about that in a later post. Before we started the journey we knew that we wanted to focus on “the good life”, but how we didn’t know how at first.

We believe that the conversation of what makes a good life is relevant. Especially in our time where focus often come to good careers and materialism. We want to shed light on basic elements like friendship, family, love, forgiveness, passion and everything in between. We hope to inspire these kinds of meaningful conversations through our magazine and that became our concept.

Since the beginning, we knew that we wanted unique content, but we didn’t know anybody who could contribute. So we started our search to find content and stories to share. Nearly everyone in this issue has been found through online research and then contacted by mail. It surprised us how excited people were for the project and helpful along the way. We’re so thankful for all the support we’ve gotten. Reach out for help and you’ll often get it!

// Klaes Vangsgaard

1st update


The magazine

We wish to bring you worthwhile content. Stories that will inspire you. Ideas that will question your beliefs. Imagery that will amaze you and make you dream. Articles that will broaden your horizon. Simply enough, content worth your time. 

We are currently working on the 1st issue of our magazine. This issue will be on the subject of ‘the good life’, which is subjective topic and we would like to address it as so. The profiles and stories we will present you are from various people who all have their own values, experience and thoughts on this topic.

Do you know someone that would be relevant for the content of this issue? or do you have an idea that we should hear? Then please do reach out to us. We would love to hear every input.

Want to collaborate?

We seek people to help in any way they wish and we are very open proposals of collaboration. All we hope is that you share our vision and want to see this magazine become a reality. If you are interested working together with us on this magazine please contact us.