Escaping the city

I’ve only lived in cities. I love cities and the diversity of people and wide range of activities. Growing up I have also come to love and enjoy nature and getting far away from cities and find tranquillity. From time to time my travels takes me on such trips. When I return I usually return with renewed energy.

In between Christmas and New Year, I went to a mountain area in Norway with two of my good friends. We packed our gear and drove up to a small cabin, which was our base during our day-trips.

First day in Norway was spent on driving to the cabin and preparing for the active days to come.





On the second day we went cross-country skiing in the area. It was cold, snowy and windy, but thankfully no problem at all. It was fun and good practise.



On the third day we climbed one of the close-by mountaintops. We used our skis as far as possible and after that we attached them to our backpacks, so that we could walk the last part. The weather was perfect. Blue sky and almost no wind. It was quiet and the view reached as far as the eye could see.





Fourth day was on the way back towards Oslo. We found an Island in a frozen lake, which we used as campsite for our Tentsile; a tent that is suspended in the air between three trees. We cooked dinner and went to bed, so that we were ready for the trip back the next day.



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