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We’ve reached out to a girl with an interesting and creative career, who we though we’d ask a few questions. Emilie Lilja is a Danish model and a DJ with work in both Copenhagen and New York. This caught our attention and we believe it’s an amazing story she got. Read her answers here and let us know what you think.

Have you always had dreams about both being a DJ and a model?

Never. In the beginning, I didn’t even want to be a model and I never considered the fact that DJ’ing would be my profession in my late 20’s.

When did you realise that you were interested in DJ’ing?

A friend of mine was a promoter in Copenhagen and asked me if I would be a “guest DJ” at his party. I thought it sounded fun, so I met up with him to practice a couple of times before I had to play at the party. I was so terrible at it, but I remember the adrenalin pumping in my veins while playing and after that, I just wanted to be back behind the deck right away. It made me curious and it made me want to be really good at it. Especially because there aren’t a lot of female DJ’s who does this for a living, so you often have a lot to prove to be considered a good DJ and be in the same category as the other talented male DJ’s.

What is music to you?

It inspires me and affects me. I turn on music from the moment I wake up, till late at night when I go to bed. It gets me through the day. Music makes me concentrate. People tent to think that I look mad when I’m Dj’ing and I don’t look up that much – but it’s simply because I’m focused and swept in a state of mind, where only the music is in focus. I know it may sound weird, but that is the reason – I’m never mad when I’m playing.

DJ Emilie

We know that you are modelling as well – is it a mixed career path or is one of them one you hope to do full time?

I’m already modeling and Dj’ing full time, but both of these careers are limited by time. I want to do it as long as I have the passion for it, and in a certain amount of time, I will move on and do some of the other things I’m dreaming about accomplishing in life.

How did you find your way to the music industry and fashion world?

I’ve worked in the nightlife since I was 16, so I’ve always liked the late working hours. Therefore, it was easy for me to get in touch with the promoters and the club owners and have them give me a chance as a DJ. It took a couple of years though, before I had their respect and their approval as a resident DJ. Now, my resume consist of gigs at every big club in Copenhagen and New York and my latest DJ gig was for the famous Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels in New York.


My way into the fashion world started when I was working at a kindergarden and one of my colleagues had a friend who owned a model agency so she forced me to go, even though I didn’t want to in the beginning. I remember thinking that I wasn’t pretty enough at all, but when I went there and they saw me, they signed me right away – and then it all started. A couple of years later I changed my agency to Scoop Models and then a lot of good things started to happen to my career.

What is the wildest thing you ever have done during your career? both as a model and DJ.

I don’t know if warming up for Morten Breum at Marquee in New York last year (the biggest club in New York) or playing on top of a skyscraper on Broadway in front of 200 people at Bjarke Ingels’ anniversary is the wildest thing so far. Both of the experiences will be something, that I won’t ever forget. I also enjoyed the time I was warm up for Medina, Burhan G and Christopher in Aarhus.

As a model, I think it’s just all the travel experiences in all, that has been the craziest thing. From getting a contract with one of the worlds biggest agencies (Ford Models) in New York, to travel to Sri Lanka and ride on elephants to fly to China to be a judge in a modeling competition. Just to get the opportunity to see the world by doing what I do, that’s crazy.

We understand that you lived in New York for a while. Why did you come back to Denmark?

I came back because I met my current boyfriend. We fell in love when I was in Copenhagen one month on summer vacation and after a long distance relationship for six months, I chose to move back to him and Denmark. It was hard to have a relationship with the time difference and the distance – and because he owns a record label here in Copenhagen, he is not able to travel as much and often as I am.

Could you imagine moving back to New York or elsewhere in the USA?

I just got back home from 2 ½ month in Los Angeles, working for Ford Models and that was amazing.. So yes, I could defiantly imagine me living in L.A, but only full time if my boyfriend went with me.



What are your dreams for the future?

To spend more time in The States, working. But for now, I want to focus all my energy on DJ’ing and my modeling. When those careers are over and done, I have something else I’m planning to do.

Do you have any career goals?

Yes, but I won’t tell you quite yet what my future career is going to be – I have some ideas and dreams but I’ll keep them to myself until it’s time to reveal it and make them happen.

If you should give one advise about achieving your goals in life, what should it be?

Travel the world to explore by yourself, try to settle down in another country and get some life experience.


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