Aesthetic film makers

We have reached out to Martin and Viktor from Klap Film. We have been inspired by their beautiful and aesthetic works. Read the interview about them and their work here.

Who are Martin and Victor?

Martin and Viktor is two guys who makes film, pictures and music. We are more like a creative symbiotic mind. The roles are split out: Viktor does photography/filming & grading. Martin does the editing and music. But nothing is done without the others opinion and approval.

How did it all start?

The short version is that we both went to school. Viktor was studying photography college, Martin studying Design College.

Random events led to a photo-shoot where Martin was participating as a model (…) not a job that was accomplished very well, so quickly Martin helped out on the shoot and we started talking. Talking about the film medium.

Was not long before we both dropped out of school, went to Bulgaria to film a rock’n’roll video and the rest is history.

Describe your filming style, what has inspired you to that unique style?

We always find it interesting and strange when someone comments on “your style” because it is so hard for us to tell. It kind of just happened. Pretty early in our creative development we made a decision to not look at magazines, blogs, tumblr and all that stuff, before we felt like we found our style.

We have a wish to be original and continue to be original, and we guess you kind of accomplish that by shooting a lot and reflect a lot over life at an exotic beach.

Most important thing for us is to keep being curious. To stop in the middle of the road if there is a certain light, a pattern or a weird tree to investigate it.

We both listen to a lot of electronic music. Electronic music does not have recognizable instruments in it and very rare a vocal. As a human we want to put things in boxes, but we can’t with electronic music so the brain does all in its power to figure out what the weird sounds are. It makes you think, reflect, and forces the brain to come up with one good idea after the other.

Asger Juel Larsen – Woolmark – Extended Version from KLAP on Vimeo.

What has been your toughest experience with the job so far?

Ohhhhh…. Everything we do is mad fun. Even when it’s the toughest it’s mad fun!
We have struggled around in blistering winds on Iceland, walked in swamps in Mexico and been shut down in the streets of Copenhagen but all that was just freaking exciting. The hardest job is when there is a very demanding client that does not know what they really want and have way too many opinions. But, the client is always right you know.

What has been your absolute best experience so far?

It kind of varies. We feel we often experience something that makes us believe that life is not real. So blessed to be traveling the world with work and meet so many great people, but if you are looking for a single event it got to be our new studio. We got our self a great new location with 6 meters to the ceiling and windows from top to bottom. It is an amazing daylight studio and amazing view. We we’re kind of proud when we stood there one day and looked out.

Where do you see yourselves in a year?

Frankly, we can’t tell! Hopefully we are better, stronger, faster.

A wish would be to spend 7-8 months abroad and the rest of the time in Denmark doing jobs and taking care of family and friends.


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