A new chapter

Several big things have happened for me lately. One of them is moving from Aarhus, the city where I was born and grew up, to Herning. It should be mentioned that Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, which isn´t big compared to other cities around the world. There are about 320.000 citizens living in the city area. Herning is a different story; it is the 11th largest city in Denmark with about 48.000 citizens. It was definitely a difficult decision, to move so far away from my comfort zone and the city life, but I am optimistic about the situation and I am looking forward to some rewarding years in Herning.

The reason to why I´ve have moved in the first place is because of my education, which only exists in Herning. It’s called Business Development Engineer and I have known about it for quite some time, but I didn´t want to move, so I started on another education in Aarhus last year, which I quickly found out wasn´t for me. The Business Development Engineer Bachelor is all about developing concepts and working on ideas. If you have an entrepreneur hidden inside of you or just creative minded this could be something for you.

I have been fortunate to move with some friends and we have found the most amazing house just a little outside Herning – maybe you will get a tour around the house later on, but first of it is my room.


It´s not that big, but it is perfect for me. As you can see on the pictures; I have made a chill/working area and sleeping area and it works really good. As you can see the room is very light and therefore I have been very conscious about the furniture and what colours it had. It had to be very light colours to work with the rest of the room, but all in all I´m glad about the result.



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